Difference between PGFireBox and Typical Biomass Incinerator

The primary difference of this machine compared to current designs of biomass power generating facilities is the ability to convert whole logs, branches, limbs, root balls, pallets and other wood waste into energy without the costly processing (see the comparison chart below).  This is one of the major downfalls of biomass energy facilities today, this pre-processing adds significant cost and creates large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.  To accept whole logs, branches and other whole wood products, current biomass energy systems require multiple stages of grinding and pelletizing to precondition the waste.  Then, most of these type of biomass facilities require a supplemental fuel, like natural gas (as high as 20%) to support combustion.  The PGFireBox does not require any waste preconditioning or supplemental fuels.

In addition, the Air Burners PGFireBox can be easily relocated, if supply of waste material changes over time.  This negates one of the major drawbacks to today's biomass power generation, the “waste travel zone.”  Some  communities concerned with wildfire “fuels” reduction invested in biomass power facilities, only to find that after 4 or 5 years the amount of waste within an economical travel area (general considered to be a 40 mile radius) had been reduced enough, so that it would no longer support the operation of the power generating facility.  With the PGFireBox design, the entire system can be easily relocated.

One of the other important differences of the Air Burners machine is that it can be resold, if you decide on a larger machine in later years or if your business model changes over the years.  Unlike the current biomass to energy designs, you are not stuck with a permanent structure.

This type of machine would be useful in almost every landfill, transfer station or forestry operation.  The PGFireBox allows the operators of these facilities to move away from costly diesel powered machinery and convert to electrically powered equipment and vehicles “fueled” by the waste they are collecting.  The following sections will provide more detailed information on these machines. 

We currently have three PGFireBox models available: PGF100 (100kW), PGF500 (500kW) and PGF1000 (1MW).



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