A Revolutionary Design  “Closed Circle Recycling"

We approach Biomass Alternative Energy from a different angle.  We believe one of the problems with the current biomass industry is they “solved” the wrong problem.  They solved the “energy” problem when they should have been solving the “waste” problem.  According to the USEPA and the World Bank, biomass waste represents approximately 30 percent of the World's waste, and that does not include all the dead and dying trees due to climate change.   (66 Million dead trees in southern California alone, US Forest Service)  Air Burners is developing systems like the one depicted below which are waste and recycling centric; they eliminate our waste and support recycling operations without consuming external energy, a “closed circle system.” The goal is to consume the energy generated during the recycling process, any excess is sent to the grid.

The Air Burners PGFireBox system solves many of the problems strangling biomass energy today:

               Lowest environmental impact, lowest capital costs
               Easy placement, not a permanent structure
               High waste throughput compared to other schemes
               Can be relocated to accommodate the “waste travel zone”
               No supplemental fuels needed
               It’s a machine not a building, easier finance and resale
               No expensive pre-processing operations like grinding and sorting

PGFireBox    “The New Center of Recycling”

In the figure below an optional heat recovery hood is shown.  Some processes require dry clean heat as in the example below where the exhaust heat from the PGF is captured and rerouted to a stone and aggregate dryer.  In the process of crushing stone and aggregate for reuse the crushing process is first then the crushings are run through a trommel screen that sorts the stone by size.  In most operations the recycled concrete is crushed and piled to await sizing.  If the pile gets wet then it can be very difficult to run the crushings through the trommel, so they are first run through an aggregate dryer.  These dryers use big diesel engines to run the conveyors and turn the drums as well as large amounts of diesel or propane fuels being burned to create the heat for drying.

In the recycling operation depicted below the heat from the PGF first cycles through the internal heat exchangers to create electricity and then is exhausted towards the roof where an electrically powered fan system pulls the residual heat into a “drying box.”  Wet stone, gravel and dirt are conveyed across the drying box to reduce the moisture content and allow the materials to be screened to correct sizes for resale.  In addition to the entire PGF system being electrically powered the drying conveyors are also electric and the screen operation is electric.  Additional machinery like crushers and sorting stations could also be powered by the PGFireBox.  This system would create valuable recycled products without consuming any external energy.

Close the circle on recycling

The PGFireBox system represents a revolution in Biomass Energy and eliminates road blocks that have prevented us from realizing the energy stored in wood and vegetative waste. The high cost of waste processing and the associated harmful emissions have been eliminated.  The PGF is not a permanent system, therefore it can be moved if the biomass waste supply in a particular area diminishes.  Waste is actually eliminated and the system produces a desirable recycled product.  Taking a page from the “green cycle of life” we have developed a system that makes a positive contribution to our waste and energy infrastructure.

Find your ideal scheme to support your recycling goals.  With the PGFireBox at the center your options are almost limitless and your return on investment will be exceptional.  Put the power in your hands, electrically operated machinery will save you money and will reduce your maintenance time.  Contact your local Air Burners dealer for more information or call the factory direct.

Air Burners Close Loop Recycling

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