100 kW to 1 MW

Introducing the Revolutionary
"Closed Circle
Recycling System"

Air Burners designed and manufactures a revolutionary new machine that combines two well known and refined technologies to create the first portable machine for power generation from large scale biomass. We call this system the “PGFireBox”.

Our systems are available in three power ranges: 100kW, 500kW and 1MW.

This system uses two current technologies: Air Curtain pollution control technology (See how) and Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generation (See how). We have teamed with two of the best ORC manufacturers in the world, ElectraTherm for the smaller units and Aqylon for the larger units. These technologies combine to produce a portable self- contained unit which generates significant amounts of electricity from vegetative waste and is the fastest most environmentally friendly method for reducing vegetative waste.

Vegetative waste, in particular wood waste, has long been a difficult problem for community landfills and lumbering operations.  Grinding it to reduce its volume is expensive and extremely harmful to the environment; and while grinding reduces the “volume” you are still left with the same amount of wood waste.  Ten tons of logs in, gives you ten tons of wood chips out.

When you consider the amount of energy stored in the wood, it is highly desirable to extract this energy as opposed to depositing it in a landfill and losing it forever.  Wood has long been used as a fuel, but extracting this energy on a large scale has been cumbersome and expensive until now.  As an example, the Air Burners 100kW PGFireBox is delivered to a site fully self-contained and ready for use, no permanent fixtures, structures or buildings are necessary and the PGFireBox can be purchased and delivered for less than the cost of a typical tub grinder.

An Air Burners PGFireBox is the most economical and lowest environmental impact method to deal with vegetative waste.  The power generating FireBox accomplishes four important tasks:

  1. It reduces the wood waste by 98%, ten tons of logs in, give you a couple hundred pounds of ash and biochar out.  Both the ash and the biochar are highly desirable recycled products for agriculture, nurseries and growers. The biochar in particular is a good secondary revenue.
  2. It captures energy from the wood waste and converts it to electricity providing an additional income from the use or sale of that electricity.
  3. It is an ideal component for the power company’s goal of better “distributed power.”  Distributed power helps provide a more secure electrical grid that is less susceptible to interruptions.
  4. It significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from the current methods of disposal, grinding and landfilling.


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